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The AgA Program is chaired by Seth Martin of Hyatt's, who supervises administration, accounting and member communications. Elizabeth Hyatt-Martin manages design and printing. Our flyer products are chosen by Elizabeth Hyatt-Martin and Kate Owens. If you are interested in participating in our flyer program, we encourage you to communicate with Beth or Kate. Deadlines for product selection: Fall is January 31, Holiday is April 30. AgA flyers are available for purchase by non-members. If you know of an interested retailer, we would appreciate if you would refer them to Mimi Roberts using the information on our Contacts page.

AgA negotiates annually-renewable purchasing agreements with selected companies. These agreements provide the incentive for our individual members to direct their purchases of a specific product category to one vendor in return for favorable pricing and terms on a year round basis. Participating vendors also receive preferred status for inclusion in our flyers.

The AgA Annual Purchasing Agreement program is administered by Mimi Roberts under the supervision of Henry Meininger of Meininger Co. If you are interested in exploring the potential of working with our group on a year round basis, please contact Mimi on the Contact Page.

Download examples of actual flyers below:




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