Art Group America

Art Group America (AGA) is a Delaware corporation founded in 1993 and is composed of 11 independently owned art material retailers located throughout North America. The group has three major functions.

1. To exchange ideas on the state of the industry and how to better run our individual businesses.

2. To negotiate improved purchasing terms for items that our businesses sell.

3.To negotiate cooperative marketing agreements with selected suppliers.

AgA members have a combined total of 43 retail stores with annual sales exceeding $100 million. The stores operated by our companies span the continent including these metropolitan areas: Albuquerque, Atlanta, Arlington (TX), Austin, Baltimore, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Colorado Springs, Dallas, Denver, Ft. Worth, Lubbock, Minneapolis, Nashville, Philadelphia, Plano, Redwood City, Richardson, Richmond, Sacramento, San Antonio, Santa Fe, Saint Louis, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria and Washington D.C.

AgA members meet at least twice a year to exchange ideas and plan our activities.




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